Klavier- und Flügelrestaurierung

Klavier - Bösendorfer

Used Bosendorfer 130 - 1986, Upright piano
18.900,00 EUR
  • Kategorie: Klavier
  • Marke: Bösendorfer
  • Gebraucht

Used Bosendorfer 130 - 1986, Upright piano

This beautiful Bosendorfer 130 is an instrument built in mid-1986.
The sound is like a Grand Piano, nuanced and has a powerful bass.
In addition, the sound is fresh and accurate.
The cabinet has a Wenge high-gloss finish.

The instrument has always been professionally serviced by qualified piano technicians.
As a result, the instrument is in excellent condition.

For the sound impression I would like to refer to the video on this page.
The recording was made with condenser microphones only.
Furthermore, no external effects have been added to the recording.
So only the piano and nothing else ..

If you would like more information, please email or...

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